Marilyn R. Lawrence, President


Ms. Lawrence is currently retired.  She has been in management positions for communications activities since 1979.   Most recently she managed KCSM, San Mateo County’s Radio and Television stations.   Her employment includes positions at Hewlett Packard and Tandem Computers as well as being self-employed.  Additionally she served on the community advisory board for KZSU, Stanford University’s student run radio station.  Ms. Lawrence supported Redwood City School by being on the Site Council and bringing substantial technology to Roy Cloud School.  Marilyn has been one of Girl Scout Troop 32609 leaders for 20 years.  She has also served in Cub Scout, Boy Scout and Sea Scout leadership positions.

Marilyn brings skills of management including, budgeting, resource management, fundraising, and managing volunteers and other partners so all stakeholders feel valued.   As a youth I got to experience the waterfront activities that Redwood City, specifically Redwood Creek, had to offer.  I would love to see a facility that would create a “One-Stop” place where youth can experience many different opportunities exist.