1. Document existing resources used for proposed program activities
    • Identify existing activity providers, their current resources and their current identified needs
  2. Find a location that has access to Redwood Creek
    • Work with the Port to identify possible locations that would work for a future facility
    • Identify and meet with possible partners stakeholders to get their thoughts on RWCYM
    • Pursue those opportunities
  3. Create a Youth Maritime Center that can house many of these programs
    • Aggregate the needs of the partner organizations to design the RWCYM facility
    • Identify possible architects and developers that may be able to assist in planning the facility
    • Identify EIR and BCDC needs/issues
    • Approach the Partners, City and Port with possible plans
    • Modify plans as needed
    • Submit plans to city manager
    • Plan construction
  4. Create a financial structure that helps support all organizations to plan for their financial future
    • Identify the costs of the facility and determine the best way for the Partners to pay them
    • On-going fundraising for continuing costs
  5. Create policies and rules of operations to ensure safety and access to youth
    • Develop facility uses rules (supervision requirements, boat safety, PFD’s, etc)
    • Create programs that bring youth to the facility